Please sign the petition below to show your support for a state of the art Sports & Entertainment Complex to be built right here in the heart of Chatham-Kent.



Early estimations have tabbed the new complex costing around 75 million dollars with a finalized plan to be decided upon later. It will take approximately 18 months to build and would create more jobs, Keep our youth here, bring new families to C-K, drive more traffic to the new casino, and would definitely bring new business to our communities. This would all play a significant role in the revitalization of Chatham-Kent and its economic future.



Included is this state of the art facility would be the main attraction; A 4200-5000 seat arena with around 20+ private suites that would house sporting events, concerts, broadway shows, live family entertainment, competitions, tournaments and much much more . A second ice rink would be included to replace our currently aging arenas. Developments would also include small and large retail & restaurant spaces and much more to fill out the facility. 



The Navistar property boasts an impressive 86 acres of land. With the complex only using up a portion of the property, developing this land properly for maximum usage would be key. There is room for large developments that would bolster the property values all around the area. Extensive parking would be made available to allow for outdoor events on the property that could include Ribfest, Bikefest, Outdoor Concerts, Farmer's Markets, & Festivals.

A New Transportation HUB

Currently in our reserves, sits just over $4,000,000 that comes from Provincial Gas Taxes. This money has been allocated for a development of a certain nature. What falls into this category would be a brand new VIA Rail Station, City Bus Station, and Greyhound Depot all in one Transportation Hub that could be built beside the complex at the back of the property along the railroad tracks. This is something our community absolutely needs. 




The answer is a big NO! And here's why. Our previous Mayor Randy Hope and his team were very fiscally responsible over the last 12 years. They were able to eliminate almost $100,000,000 from our debt. This allowed us to establish an A+ credit rating and get our spending under control. With all that debt behind us, the city would not have to rely on the tax payers for a much needed complex for our community to enjoy. With all that said, this does give us some pretty good leverage to approach the Federal and Provincial Governments for monies that would go towards the cost of the build. Other communities were given money even when they were not financially stable. Even if we were not able to receive such funds at this time, we could borrow the money ourselves and still make this work. We would save on the upkeep of two aging facilities, extra revenue would flow in from the Casino, the Bradley Centre, and all the new developments on the property. These could easily offset the yearly loan payment we would be making. It really is that simple. Stay tuned. We will prove it!

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Darrin Canniff


Our current Mayor would love nothing more then to see a beautiful multi-use Sports & Entertainment Complex built right here in Chatham-Kent. He has stated that this would be the catalyst that we need to get our city back in line with other areas.

Randy Hope


Our previous Mayor has never wavered on his support for a new Entertainment Complex. He strongly feels that right now is truly our window of opportunity to make something of this magnitude become reality.



Build The Complex CK Information Session and Q&A

7pm - 9:30pm

Sons of Kent

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Build The Complex CK Information Session and Q&A

The Build The Complex CK group will be providing the public with an update to the Complex/Arenas situation. We will share details about the Sports & Entertainment Centre possibilities, and update what occurred at the last council meeting. A Q&A session will take place after the information session.  Come on out and ask questions and get educated on the most important topic within our community. Meeting starts at 7pm at Sons of Kent in Chatham.

7pm - 9:30pm

Sons of Kent


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